Performance Golf Hat Lightweight Polyester 1502 Golf Hat


IF YOU LOVE THE GAME OF GOLF — and its rich Scottish history ? you will love our stylish super lightweight 1502 hat. WHY 1502? Historically speaking, IT IS GOLF’S GREATEST YEAR! HISTORY: In an attempt to protect the Scottish homeland from the English invaders, James II of Scotland, banned golf in 1457 because he believed the game was interfering with archery practice. In 1502, King James IV saved the “the world’s greatest game? from extinction by LIFTING THE BAN! GIFT IDEA: Are you struggling with coming up with a new and different gift idea for a golfer? Our 1502 branded hat, which features our distinctive bow & club logo on the side, is the perfect answer to your dilemma. This hat has a clean and sleek design and has a micro-Velcro elastic loop closure. It is made with a moisture-wicking, lightweight polyester fabric, which is ideal for hot and humid days. Our polyester hats are Scotchguarded. FOR MEN AND WOMEN: Whether you are on or off the course, our smart-looking, adjustable 1502 hats will fit one and all. FOR ON AND OFF THE COURSE: This updated vintage hat will be a stylish wardrobe addition off the course as well. Also a fun conversation starter wth friends.


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